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Winter is Coming: Stock Up on Ice Melt Today

Now that fall has come we need to start preparing for the winter season. A big part of that is stocking up on ice melter. Doing so at this time of the year can save you money with our early season buy program. This not only gives you great prices it also gives you product when shortages occur during large winter events. We carry the Safe Step Pro series to address all of your ice melter needs. Call me today at (716) 674-9860 for your early season price! 

Ice Melt in Buffalo for Jan/San Professionals 

Ice melt is your first line of defense when winter weather strikes. Safe Step has designed products exclusively for jan/san professionals that work fast and melt ice even in low temperatures. 

The highly visible blue crystals of Safe Step Pro Select Blue help you apply it efficiently and evenly, saving you both money and time. The unique blend of products delivers the utmost melting power without staining floors or carpets, and it can melt ice even when the temperature plummets to zero degrees Fahrenheit. Stock up now before you need it — the non-hygroscopic formal won’t harden or clump in the bag! 

For a cost-efficient ice melter that also won’t clump or harden when stored, we recommend Safe Step Pro Select. This blend of potassium chloride and sodium chloride melts ice down to zero degrees Fahrenheit and is available in 20 and 50-pound bags and 45-pound pails. 

An Eco-Friendly Choice 

One of the things we love most about Safe Step Pro is that they prioritize the well-being of the environment, people, plants and pets. All Safe Step Pro products are harvested using an environmentally-responsible process and are safer and less corrosive for the environment. 

For example, Safe Step Pro Enviro has been designated a “safer choice” by the US Environmental Protection Agency, and it contains a powerful melting catalyst that prevents re-freezing up to 2 1/2 times longer than conventional ice melters. It even melts ice down to 10 below zero! 

We hope we never need ice melts that can work at even lower temperatures, but Safe Step Pro Mag Chloride works all the way down to 25 degrees below zero. Also designated a “safer choice” by the EPA, its unique crystal shape delivers the best combination of scatter control and ice penetration. 

Want to take advantage of our early season prices and stock up on Safe Step Pro ice melt before winter strikes? Call HJS Supply today at (716) 674-9860

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