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Winter Floor Care and Floor Matting in Buffalo, NY

Harsh Buffalo winters can really take a toll on your facility’s floors. Patches of sludge, debris, dirt and salt on the floors make a poor first impression for your customers, and dirty floors may even pose a safety hazard that can cause slips and falls. The remedy is create a solid winter floor care program that utilizes the best floor supplies in Buffalo NY. Damage prevention is the essential core of a good winter floor care program. Maintenance is far easier when you keep debris, ice, snow and salt from being tracked in, and you will spend less time refinishing, stripping and scrubbing later if you take the time to damp mop, dust mop and invest in entrance matting now.

Preventative Care: Winter Floor Matting in Buffalo, NY

Entrance matting is the best protection you have against winter floor damages. Each entrance to your facility should be guarded inside and out with high-performance matting. For outdoor use, we recommend a scraper with moisture-removing capabilities made from heavy material that will allow soil to settle in before it makes it into your facility. Inside, we recommend a finer matting that collects smaller pieces of soil while collecting any remaining moisture. Notrax is a great supplier for both these options.


Increasing Cleaning Frequency

Not even the best floor matting can stop all debris and moisture from hitting your floors. That’s why it is important to up the frequency of floor cleaning during the winter months. High-traffic areas should be dust mopped and damp mopped several times a day to keep your floors safe and attractive. Mats should also be regularly maintained. Vacuum them each day and give them a deep cleaning using a pressure washer when they are saturated with water, sand and salt. Keep an eye out for curling edges or tears because they can pose a slip and fall hazard. Winters here are tough, but we stock mats and other floor supplies in Buffalo, NY, that can handle all the snow and ice Mother Nature throws at us. To learn more about winter floor care, contact us today, and get recommendations for our favorite mats by clicking here! 


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