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Which Janitorial Supplies in Buffalo, NY Are Best for Childcare Facilities?

When you’re responsible for maintaining a childcare facility’s cleanliness, it is important to remember that kids can be more sensitive to cleaning agents since their immune defenses have yet to fully develop. Therefore, you need products that are safe for young people.

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Keep these considerations in mind when selecting janitorial supplies in Buffalo, NY:

Floor and Surface Cleaners

Look for all-purpose solutions for preliminary cleaning and detergents that are specified for the type of surface you’ll be cleaning (e.g. vinyl floors, finished wood, tiles, plastic chairs, etc…). Make sure the cleaning agents are certified free from toxic or allergenic ingredients by a third-party quality assurance group. Stock up on microfiber mops or cloths to apply, spread and wipe off those cleaning solutions.

Trusty for Toys

Disinfect objects regularly with nontoxic cleaners. Plush toys can be laundered with hypoallergenic detergents, while other items will need to be sanitized with water and mild bleach solutions.

Established local suppliers like HJS Supply Company provide floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY in addition to cleaning agents for furniture and accessories. Check out their comprehensive inventories of conventional and green cleaning supplies to find the items that will suit your facility’s needs.