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Victory Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfects Against Coronavirus

Although Governor Cuomo has indicated New York’s stay-at-home order is likely to be extended beyond May 15, facility managers across the state and the country are considering how they can help workers feel more comfortable and safe when they do return to the office. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in cleaning supplies and tools that enable powerful disinfecting.

The Victory Electrostatic Sprayer is one of the most powerful tools for disinfecting spaces and therefore breaking the chain of infection. This tool applies disinfectants more efficiently and effectively than traditional spray-and-wipe methods, and it allows you to coat every surface in your space with disinfectant in less time, with fewer chemicals and with better outcomes.

How does the electrostatic sprayer work?

When the sprayer unit is turned on, a charge is generated that works its way through the pump and into the solution tank, positively charging all ions. These positive ions are then pumped from the tank through the pump, and they are charged again before becoming atomized. When expelled by the pump, these fully-charged droplets create an even spread over surfaces and essentially “wrap” surfaces for thorough and complete disinfection.

Watch this video to see how the technology works:

What are the benefits of the Victory Electrostatic Sprayer?

There are two types of sprayers available.

The professional cordless electrostatic backpack sprayer can coat up to 23,000 square feet with a single tank of disinfectant!

The professional cordless electrostatic handheld sprayer can coat up to 2,800 square feet on a single tank fo fluid.

Both allow you to apply chemicals faster, use less solution and create more complete and consistent coverage than ever before. The touchless application keeps your team safer and reduces cross-contamination, both units are easy to use and cordless for increased convenience, and the are cost effective and easy to implement due to their versatility, effectiveness and portability.

What kind of facilities can benefit from Victory Electrostatic Sprayers?

Any and every facility that wants to become cleaner, safer and healthier during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond can benefit from Victory Electrostatic Sprayers, including daycare centers and schools, hospitals, offices, veterinary clinics, airplanes, cargo containers, cruise ships, manufacturing facilities, buses, trucks, homes, food processing plants and more.

The Victory Electrostatic Sprayer is so popular, in fact, that we have a waiting list for the next shipment. If you’d like to get in line for our June shipment, please contact us today!