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Upcoming Classes at HJS: Mold Licensing and Trauma and Crime Scene Technician


Since our founding in 2009, HJS Supply has differed from the competition with our dedication to education. We provide the very latest education and training opportunities to both employees and customers because we believe education is the foundation of a successful business. Our trainings cover an extensive array of topics, including carpet cleaning, window washing, restoration work, cleaning equipment and more. Check out our latest educational offerings below and contact us to register today for your next class!n Call us at 716-674-9860 for pricing and seat availability.

NYS Mold Licensing- Remediation Contractor Course – September 15-17 from 8am to 5pm

This course is for contractors and worker-supervisors who shall engage in or supervise mold remediation activities. Includes health effects, regulations, guidelines, remediation work plans, engineering controls, abatement practices, worker protection and clearance testing. Attendees will gain practical knowledge of mold remediation methods, including containment preparation, work practices for removing and treating mold and post remediation clean-up techniques.

NYS Mold Licensing Abatement Worker Course – September 16-17 from 8am to 5pm

This course is for workers, remediation personnel and other individuals who intend to conduct mold abatement and are employed by a licensed mold remediation contractor. Includes an introduction to indoor air quality, health effects, personal protective equipment, and state of the art mold remediation techniques.

IICRC Trauma and Crime Scene Technician Certification – October 28-29 from 8am to 5pm

The Trauma and Crime Scene Technician (TCST) certification is designed to provide primary education, guidance, and understanding of the unique situations encountered when performing trauma and crime scene cleanup, regardless of surface, item, or location. The course will discuss the various procedures and precautions taken when performing work at a trauma/crime scene and is based on the ANSI/IICRC S540 Standard for Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup. Upon completing the certification, students will know about inspecting and investigating human blood and other potentially infectious material (OPIM) contamination to establish hazard assessments, work plans, and procedures for cleaning and safe transportation of contaminated material. When coupled with additional on-the-job training and field experience, students should be able to perform trauma and crime scene cleanup safely.

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