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The Winter Floorcare Trifecta: Floor Mats, Neutralizers and Ice Melt in Buffalo

Ice Melt

Winter will be here before we know it, bringing new cleaning challenges and harsh conditions. Now is the best time to start prepping for the wintery trifecta of snow, slush and ice.

We have our own trifecta to battle those elements and keep your facility safer and cleaner all winter long: ice melt, floor mats and floor neutralizers.

Ice Melt for Safer Facilities

Rates of slip-and-fall accidents skyrocket during the winter months, but ice melt can make your walkways, sidewalks and parking lots safer for employees and guests.

Apply ice melt at the first sign of a winter storm approaching, and keep applying it any time there is a break in the snow. Remember that putting down too much doesn’t make ice melt more effective, but it does waste precious product. A good general rule of thumb is applying about 2 to 4 ounces per square yard. We recommend using a hand-held fertilizer spreader for the fastest, easiest application.

SafeStep’s Pro Series 960 Ice Melter is one of our favorite products because it works down to -10ºF and has a reduced impact on the environment.

Refreezing is a serious concern in areas like ours where we can get pummeled with snowstorms and cold temperatures that just don’t seem to quit. Some deicers can be so diluted by melted snow or ice that they allow the water to refreeze, forming dreaded black ice. SafeStep’s Pro Series 960 helps prevent refreezing up to 2.5 times longer than conventional ice melters, giving you more time to clear sidewalks and parking lots of slush.

This greener ice melt has earned the US EPA Design for the Environment Certification and is safer for pets, plants and people. Safer to handle, it won’t harm skin, and its less corrosive formula makes it safer for concrete as well.

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Floor Matting: Your Floor’s First Line of Defense

The next element of the winter floor care trifecta is floor matting. When employees and guests enter your facility during winter, their boots bring in snow, slush and ice melt debris. This can boost the risk of slip-and-fall accidents within your facility and damage your floor surfaces.

Strategically placing floor mats at the entrances to your building can stop these elements in their tracks.

We love WaterHog Drainable Border Mats from M+A Matting because they trap debris and moisture to keep your floors clean, dry and safe. Available in 12 colors, these mats are incredibly durable and effectively scrape dirt and moisture from shoes before trapping it beneath shoe level to prevent tracking. Learn more about these floor mats here! 

Berber Roll Goods from M+A Matting are another great option, especially for larger areas. Made of heavy polypropylene fabric with a high-performance rubber backing, these mats are easy to clean and can even be customized with your logo. Learn more about Berber Roll Goods here. 

The Final Piece: Floor Neutralizer and Conditioner

The final piece of the winter floor care trifecta is essential for keeping your floors looking their best all winter long. Not even the best floor mats on the planet can stop every bit of ice melt from coming into your facility. You may still find hazy residue from tracked-in ice melt and salt compounds, dulling the finish of your floors.

The solution? Pak-It’s All Floor Surface Neutralizer and Conditioner. This formula dissolves ice melt salt compounds, lime deposits and hard water stains from floors, glass, tile and metals.

With this product, you can eliminate white residue and clean floors at the same time. Simply add one pack to two gallons of water, mix well then mop the floors before wiping clean with a mop or wet vac. Click here to order Pak-It’s All Floor Surface Neutralizer and Conditioner online. 

With these three products, you can keep your floors looking their best all winter long. To learn more or to see any of these products in person, schedule your free demo with HJS Supply today!

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