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The MotorScrubber Jet: Precision Engineered from the Highest Quality Components

The worst parts of the cleaning process are the tedious ones, and one of our least favorite parts is lugging around a bucket of solution. Invariably, a spill or splash happens, either ruining the area we just cleaned or our shoes. 

The MotorScrubber Jet solves this problem with its on board chemical injection that gives you an incredible deep clean up to 10 feet high. Forget about the tedium of measuring solution and lugging around that bucket — with the MotorScrubber Jet, you can spray on demand with the exact amount of chemical you need, at the very moment you need it. You’ll never use a separate bucket with chemical again. 

You’ll also never overuse or waste solution thanks to its low water, easy dose system with super concentrate chemicals. This gives you up to 130 square feet of cleaning performance. 

This solution is delivered through the high pressure pump directly to the scrubbing head, effortlessly breaking down grime and dirt. For sparkling fresh surfaces, simply clear away the dirty residue. 

This system gives you the freedom to clean anywhere. When doing demonstrations with the Motorscrubber my customers are floored by how well it works. Such amazing agitation from a cordless scrubber. The mobility and versatility makes it hard to walk away without them asking me to leave it!  Contact us today to schedule your demo and see with your own eyes how it can increase your cleaning speed. 

Effective cleaning: Get washing, polishing and cleaning power up to 10 feet high. 

4 hours runtime: The impressive 4 hours runtime from one charge means you can complete your entire project without pausing. 

Lightweight: Weighing in at only 1.75kg, the MotoScrubber Jet is lightweight but provides heavy duty cleaning power. 

Cordless: Clean anywhere — from stairs to motor vehicles and swimming pools. 

100% waterproof: The MotorScrubber Jet is completely waterproof and can be fully submersed in water with no shock risk thanks to its extra low safe voltage. 

About MotorScrubber

Built on quality, reliability and performance, MotorScrubber are cleaning and hygiene experts renowned for manufacturing robust, heavy duty cleaning machines at their dedicated production facility in Sheffield, England. Learn more about MotorScrubber here!