MINUTEMAN E14 Floor Scrubber

Available in corded or battery model

Minuteman E14 Floor Scrubber

E14BQP (Battery)
E14115 (Corded)


E14 Floor Scrubber

$3,087.64 (Battery)
$2,493.21 (Corded)

Available in corded or battery model.

• The smallest of the E series walk behind scrubbers.
• Durable, its ease of use while maximizing productivity makes this a truly remarkable scrubber.

Part Numbers: E14BQP (Battery); E14115 (Corded)
Scrubbing Path: 14”
Solution Tank: 4.2 gallon
Coverage Performance: 11,302 sq ft/hr
Working Time: 1.30hr
Brush Size: 14”
Brush RPM: 170 rpm
Brush Pressure: 62 lbs
Squeegee width/Dry Path: 16.5”
Recovery Tank: 4.8 gallon
Voltage: 12 V
Max Battery Capacity (DIN): 65 A (AGM)
On Board Battery Charger: 12 V-8 A
Batteries Compartment: 11.4”L x 7.5” Wx9.3”H
Battery Weight: 51.8 lbs
Total Power (Nominal Power): 450 W
Brush Motor (Nominal Power): 250 W
Vacuum Motor: Single Stage, 200 W
Water Lift: 21”
Dimensions: 38.3”Lx19.3”Wx25.4”H
Weight Without Batteries: 88.2 lbs
Weight With Batteries: 138.9 lbs

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