MINUTEMAN E26R Rider Floor Scrubbers

Available in Disc, Cylindrical, or SPORT model

Minuteman ride-on floor scrubber

ER26DQP (Disc)
ER26CQP (Cylindrical)


E26R Rider Floor Scrubber

$16,872 (Disc)
$17,448.3 (Cylindrical)
$17,609.39 (SPORT)

The Minuteman E Ride 26 Ride-on Automatic scrubber boasts a 26” scrub deck with easy to use ergonomic controls. It’s dual side entry, 180 degree view, and 360 degree turning radius on its own axis provides any operator the comfort and maneuverability to complete even the larger complex jobs in a fraction of the time. Scrubbing performance is matched with exceptional water pick-up with its low profile, stainless steel, urethane blade assembly. Aqua Stop technology is also available as yet another productivity and cleaning enhancement feature.

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