MINUTEMAN E RIDE 28 Rider Floor Scrubbers

Available in disc, cylindrical or SPORT model

Minuteman E-Ride 28 Rider Floor Scrubber

ER28CQP (Cylindrical)
ER28DQP (Disc)


E Ride 28 Floor Scrubber

$17,722.74 (Cylindrical)
$17,146.43 (Disc)
$17,969.72 (SPORT)

  • One innovative design produces four versatile models
  • Choose from 28” or 32” scrubbing paths and choose from cylindrical or rotary disc scrub decks that are interchangeable on the same chassis
  • Compact and maneuverable, the E Ride28/32 moves through tight spaces with ease while the operator rides in complete comfort
  • The E Ride28/32 offers many outstanding standard features and many options to meet all of your scrubbing needs
  • The E Ride28/32 cleans 42,360 to 45,450 sq. ft. per hour
  • Six, 6 volt, 275 AH batteries provide several hours of run time on a single charge for maximum productivity
  • Powerful scrub decks scrub and vacuum up solution in one pass leaving the floor immediately ready for traffic

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