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RatX: An eco-friendly, safe alternative to rodenticides

Are you being tasked with maintaining facilities like schools, office buildings and shopping malls? If the answer is yes, I’m sure that you are being faced with having to control pests like Rats and mice. This is where ECOCLEAR RatX excels. Formulated entirely from non-toxic food materials, RatX turns the page in rat and mice control. RatX is NOT a poison, it is an effective rat and mouse killer that provides you with the efficacy you need and the peace of mind you’ve always wanted.

Understanding Rat Infestations 

Rats are some of the most damaging and troublesome rodents in the US. They damage property and structures, contaminate food and transmit diseases and parasites to humans and other animals. They can live and thrive in many different conditions, and they are found in both urban and suburban areas. 

You may be able to tell you have an infestation without ever actually seeing a rat. Once these pests have entered your building, you’ll soon find evidence of them.

If you think you may have an infestation, ask yourself these questions: 

– Have you noticed droppings around food storage containers? 

– Have you heard scratching or scurrying noises in the attic after dusk? 

– Have you seen evidence of digging under any outdoor structures like a shed? 

– Have you noticed burrows around your landscaping? 

– In the evenings, have you seen rats traveling along the tops of fences or utility lines? 

– When you look at the walls, rafters, pipes and beams in your facility, do you see smudge marks? These are often left by rats who rub their fur against these objects. 

– Have you noticed droppings in your garbage or recycling bins? 

– Have you seen burrows under your garage cans outdoors? 

If you believe you have a rat infestation, act fast. Rodents can reproduce quickly, and it is easier to control them before their population grows too high. Their presence can cause major problems in your facility, and they pose serious risks to people. Rats can transmit leptospirosis, salmonellosis, Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome and other diseases, and if left unharmed, an infestation can cause serious structural damage to your school, office or other facility. 

Lure and Exterminate Rats with RatX 

Most traditional rat poisons rely on anticoagulants to exterminate rodents. These formulas prevent the blood from clotting, causing internal bleeding that eventually leads to death. While they get the job done, they are considered inhumane and dangerous for both humans and other animal species, making them too risky to use indoors and in spaces where people or animals are present. 

RatX takes a different, safer approach to rat extermination. The formula is made using naturally-derived ingredients that our rats through taste and scent. After ingesting RatX, the rodent’s communication between the brain and the stomach shuts down. The rat will stop drinking and eating, causing dehydration and circulatory failure. The rat simply feels like he is falling asleep. Best of all, RatX products are 100% safe for pets, people and other wildlife. 

There are RatX products for every application, including:

RatX Bait Discs: Weather-resistant and great for outdoor use

RatX Pellets: Ready-made, consumable discs that can placed anywhere indoors or out

RatX Ready Trays: Premeasured bait trays that make baiting easy

If you are facing a rat infestation, act now before the population grows too much. Give HJS Supply a call today at (716) 674-9860 to discover which RatX products are best for your needs and facility. 

About the Author – Scott DePaolo

Scott’s 25 years of experience in sales and customer service have helped him become an industry leader. Understanding how to work with his customers “in” their businesses everyday while also stressing the importance of taking time out to work “on” their businesses make him a favorite with his customers.