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Preventing Slips and Falls at Work Through Floor Cleaning Products

Slips and falls account for millions of injuries at the workplace, some of them critical enough to bring about personal injury lawsuits. Building owners and managers may be held liable for these accidents, making it vital to maintain cleanliness and orderliness in the premises. If you’re in charge of cleaning and maintenance, here’s what you need to know about how to decrease the risks of slips and falls by using the right janitorial supplies.

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Why Take Cleaning Floors Seriously?

Slips and falls that occur due to negligence can result in workplace injuries, and then eventually a lawsuit. If the plaintiff can prove that someone has been negligent enough for the slip to occur, this creates legal problems not only for the employee responsible but also the property manager and building owner. You also have to consider how slips can affect the well-being and productivity of employees and lessors. Injuries will definitely impact their income or ability to pay the lease. Thus, maintaining cleanliness has legal, moral, and economic implications.

How to Reduce the Risks of Slips and Falls

When maintaining floor cleanliness, make sure that all cleaners and janitors are aware of the usual causes of slips and attend to them promptly. Property owners and those they delegate cleaning tasks to must always be on the lookout for wet or oily surfaces, spills, weather hazards, loose rugs, and flooring with uneven traction.

To achieve slip-free floors, regular mopping with oil-removing, mold-busting floor cleaning products must be the norm. Likewise, warning signs for wet and slippery floors must be present and visible. Janitors should also clean restroom floors and keep them dry as many slips happen in these areas. Moreover, they should quickly respond to reports of slippery surfaces from employees and customers and document the cleaning done as they can come in handy in case someone files a lawsuit. With written cleaning practices, the property manager can prove that the building is well-maintained and all spill reports are acted on. Finally, cleaners must remove all possible factors that can make it easy for people to slip, trip, or fall, such as loose rugs and wires.

Proper floor cleaning can help avert accidents as well as save people from injuries. Buy janitorial supplies that can easily and effectively clean anything that may cause slips and falls in order to keep the workplace hazard-free.


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