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Phoenix DryMAX XL: The Most Power, Compact Dehumidifier in Buffalo

Phoenix DryMAX XL Dehumidifier in Buffalo

When it comes to managing mold, mildew and humidity, industrial dehumidifiers are essential. Our units work hard to keep large spaces dry and well-ventilated, including compact options that pack a punch. One of our favorites is the Phoenix DryMAX XL, the most powerful, compact dehumidifier on the market today.

This compact unit delivers prime power in a smaller package with an incredible 125 PPD at AHAM. Even better, you can fit twice the amount of DryMAX XLs on your truck compared to other similar units.

Phoenix DryMAX XL Dehumidifier Features

  • Maximum portability thanks to compact, stackable form
  • Integrated wheels and fold-down handle for easy transport at job sites
  • Onboard cord and hose storage
  • Convenient service access
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Three-year warranty on pump
  • The most advanced pump on the market

Get More Bang for Your Buck with the DryMAX XL Dehumidifier in Buffalo

Removing an incredible 125 PPD at AHAM but only taking up half the space of the next smallest competitive XL dehumidifier, the DryMAX XL is revolutionizing the LGR dehumidifier market. Weighing in at just 88 lbs, take it anywhere thanks to the fold-down handle and integrated wheels. We also love the easy-to-read control panel. Forget scrolling endlessly through menus to find the basic info you need about your drying jobs. The DryMAX XL control panel adds Bluetooth and data logging capabilities while being easy to read and showing everything you need right on the home screen.

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