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Our Favorite Tools for Upholstery Cleaning in Buffalo

Upholstery cleaning tools in Buffalo

Upholstered furniture looks great when it’s new, but over time, dirt, debris and dust can build up and take a toll. Regular upholstery cleaning in Buffalo and elsewhere can restore the appearance of your furniture and create a healthier indoor environment.

Creating Healthier Spaces

Germs, allergens and bacteria easily cling to upholstered furniture. Regular upholstery cleaning can reduce this build-up and even boost indoor air quality. Fabric absorbs odors, and upholstery cleaning can deodorize fabric to keep your facility smelling clean and fresh.

Creating More Inviting Spaces

No one wants to sit on a visibly dirty piece of furniture! Create a positive impression about your business by keeping your furniture clean and inviting. Regular upholstery cleaning can remove spots and stains while restoring the color of your fabric to its original brightness.

Creating Savings

New furniture is expensive, and practicing regular upholstery cleaning can save you money in the long run. If you’re thinking about replacing furniture, give yours a good deep cleaning following the tips below first. You may be surprised at the result when you use the right tools and formulas!

3 Tips for Effective Upholstery Cleaning in Buffalo

Ready to give your upholstery a good cleaning? Follow these tips for best results.

Know the Code

Furniture manufactured after 1969 has tags to help you understand the safest, best way to clean upholstery. Look for tags underneath cushions for cleaning guidelines.

Code W indicates fabrics that can be cleaned with water-based solvents. Code S fabrics should only be cleaned with water-free solvents or dry cleaning techniques. Code W-S indicates either solvent- or water-based formulas can be used to remove spots and stains, and Code X is a warning to avoid any type of cleaning agent. Using chemical products on Code X fabrics can cause shrinking or staining, so only use a vacuum or brush to clean.

If your furniture does not include a tag, test an inconspicuous area before applying solution on the rest of the fabric.

Use Moisture Sparingly

One of the keys to successfully cleaning upholstery is to use moisture sparingly. Over-saturating fabric with chemical solutions or water can lead to the growth of mildew and mold that is nearly impossible to remove.

Upholstery cleaning in Buffalo

Choose the Right Upholstery Cleaning Tools

When it comes to upholstery cleaning, the Grime Reaper from American Brush & Chems, Inc. is one of our favorite tools. The ultimate upholstery brush, the Grime Reaper is made of one piece of thermoplastic rubber, leaving no space for bacteria to build up. The soft, durable brushes actually create an electrostatic change that acts as a magnet for dust, hair, pet dander and more. Perfect for use on upholstery, stairs, rugs, carpets and more, the brush is easy to clean and fully washable. Click here to learn more and order online!

We also love the BGU1937T upright vacuum from Bissell BigGreen Commercial. This dirt cup upright vacuum allows you to remove dirt easily from every nook and corner thanks to the included crevice tool and upholstery brush attachment. Weighing in at just 11 pounds, it also features an extension wand, long power cord and powerful suction to get the job done right.

To see either one of these upholstery cleaning tools in action, schedule your free demo at HJS Supply today! Give us a call at 716-674-9860 to learn more.

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