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Our Favorite Foaming Hand Soaps in Buffalo for Flu Season

Hand soaps in Buffalo

There are many options when it comes to choosing hand soaps for your Buffalo facility, but two factors should be weighed more heavily than others: the soap’s level of effectiveness and the number of times it will need to be refilled to keep up with a hand washing program. The clear winner on both these fronts is foam soap.

Foaming Soap Buffalo Facility Managers Prefer

The popularity of foaming soaps has grown tremendously in the past few years compared to other Buffalo NY commercial cleaning products, and it is easy to see why. Foam hand soap is easy to use, effective and economical, and facility managers who have made the switch to it are very happy with the results.

Many facility managers report using far less foaming soap than a liquid alternative, and they are replacing the product less often. Although the initial investment in foaming soaps may be a bit more, it pays off in the long run because janitorial staff will spend less time refilling dispensers.

Because the soap lathers easily, your restroom visitors are less likely to dispense extra soap, leading to additional savings in packaging waste and water.

Making the switch can also result in savings because foam soap is easier to clean than liquid soap. Liquid soap is known for dripping, causing slippery hazards on restroom floors, and it builds up thickly in a way foam soap does not. If foam soap happens to end up on your tile floor, it is far easier to clean than a puddle of goopy liquid soap. Making the change is a great way to save on Buffalo commercial cleaning products.

When switching to foaming soap, Buffalo facility managers report saving both money and time. If you want to see these same results, contact one of our HJS Supply team members today to learn more about our selection of hand hygiene supplies in Buffalo NY.

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