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OdorX Un-Duz-It Unleashed Tackles Tough Pet Stains and Smells

Just about everyday we have a customer come in and ask how to remove pet urine smells and stains. Cats and dogs can have accidents that cause your home to smell. Our number one recommendation to solve this problem by far is OdorX Un-Duz-It Unleashed by Prorestore Products.This breakthrough pet odor solution combines oxidizers with enzymes and odor encapsulants to remove even the toughest pet urine odors and stains.

All it takes is one hour and one application and urine odors and stains are gone. This formula is truly a breakthrough when it comes to pet odors, and it removes the toughest pet urine odors and stains by combining oxidizers with enzymes and odor encapsulates. You aren’t just masking the odor — you’re getting rid of it completely.

Best of all, it works on nearly every and every surface. Fido peed on the carpet? Grab Un-Duz-It Unleashed. Your wet dog sat on the couch after a bath? It can take care of that too. It works great on both hard and porous surfaces.

How much Unleashed should I use to treat a spot? 

In general, apply enough formula to cover twice the area of the stain. That’s how far urine can spread under the carpet and into the padding. For example, if a stain is 2” long, apply Unleased to 4” of claret, using one cup to one quart of product. 

Can Unleashed be used to treat large areas? 

Unleashed is an exceptional spotter, but it is not formulated for larger carpeted areas. 

Can I use Unleashed on area rugs? 

Yes, you can! First, check an inconspicuous area for dye bleed. Next, vacuum both sides of the rug and apply Unleashed. Roll up the rug, put it in a bag and keep it covered for two hours. Then, use a subsurface tool to extract, rinse with clean water and extract one more time. Continue to clean your rug as usual, then hang the rug and spray Unleashed on both sides and allow to dry. 

Do I always have to rinse? 

Yes. Rinsing is important because Unleashed contains a surfactant that can cause recoiling and sticky spots if not rinsed out. 

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