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New Year’s Resolution: Get Routine Equipment Maintenance

equipment maintenance

Routine maintenance brings a host of benefits to your floor cleaning equipment. Our experienced team of service technicians can provide maintenance plans for any model of floor machine or other janitorial equipment, and we work quickly to minimize downtime as much as possible. We serve New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts and the entire Northeast.

Make routine maintenance one of your New Year’s resolutions to get these benefits and more:

Reduced Expenses

Forgoing routine maintenance can mean more expensive repairs and replacement parts later. Avoid these expenses by investing in regular maintenance! Improper maintenance practices can also lead to wasted time and even ineligibility for warranty claims coverage on your floor cleaning equipment.

Safer Operations

Routinely maintaining your floor cleaning equipment results in safer, more efficient and more effective operations. Whether you are operating a ride-on floor scrubber or sweeper, floor machine, vacuum or other equipment, using it safely is key to getting the results you want without putting your team at risk. Routine maintenance makes accidents and injuries less likely.

Reduced Breakdowns

Breakdowns can put your whole operation at a standstill. Ignoring what seems like minor maintenance issues will create larger headaches in the future, and the short-term savings from neglecting maintenance now aren’t worth the major financial consequences of serious repairs or equipment replacements later. Preventative maintenance can reduce the risk of breakdowns and keep your equipment running at peak performance when you need it most.

Extending the Lifespan of Equipment

Properly cared-for equipment simply lasts longer. Simple maintenance like cleaning your equipment to reduce dust, soot and dirt can extend its lifespan and prevent equipment failure.

Increased Efficiency

New equipment operates at optimal efficiency, and to keep it that way, routine maintenance is absolutely necessary. Our routine service can extend the life and performance of your floor cleaning equipment.

Resolve to take care of your equipment this year, and start by scheduling routine maintenance and a service checkup with HJS supply! Contact us today to set up your appointment.

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