Rental Restoration Equipment

We hope you’ll never need our rental restoration equipment, but we’ve got you covered in case of a flood, fire, mold, trauma or other emergency. When your home or business is at risk due to these threats, you can count on HJS Supply company to provide the rental equipment you need to restore it quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about our restoration equipment rentals in Buffalo, contact the team at HJS Supply today!


DehumidifierWe offer rental dehumidifiers that provide industry-leading performance, maximum efficiency and convenient sizes. Made by Dri-Eaz, Phoenix and other top manufacturers, our selection of rental dehumidifiers are easy to operate and offer high quality restoration drying performance.



Phoenix 270 HTx Dehumidifier

The Phoenix 270HTx is one of the most effective and versatile drying devices available. The Phoenix 270HTx features more water removal (161 pints per day @ AHAM) and higher grain depression than other refrigerant dehumidifiers, while drawing only 8.9 amps of electricity.

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Phoenix 200 MAX Dehumidifier

The Phoenix 200 MAX is one of the most effective and versatile drying devices available on the market today. The 200 MAX removes more water and has more grain depression than other refrigerant dehumidifiers, even though it only requires 7.4 amps of electricity.

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Phoenix 1800 Mobile Desiccant Dehumidifier

The Phoenix 1800 Desiccant provides a powerful 1800 CFM of process air while drawing only 16 amps at 115 volts. The 1800 is also constructed of durable, weather resistant stainless steel and uses an advanced silica gel rotor. Amazingly, the Phoenix 1800 has up to 6 days run time on only 100 gallons of propane, beating all other desiccants in its class.

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DriTec 4000i Desiccant Dehumidifier

The new DriTec 4000i from Dri-Eaz is the most versatile desiccant available on the market today. The unit is highly portable and easy to maneuver on its semi-pneumatic wheels, and can even be used on on its back for low-clearance areas. For smart desiccant drying, choose the DriTec 4000i.

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Air Movers

PhoenixAirMoverForRent1Our inventory of rental restoration equipment in Buffalo includes air movers that have revolutionized evaporative drying. Made by top manufacturers like Phoenix, these machines are specifically engineered to create maximum air velocities and be the ideal solutions for hard-to-dry areas like sub-floors, walls, carpets and pads.



Phoenix Stackable Centrifugal Air Movers

The Phoenix Stackable CAM and CAM Pro offer all the great features of our proven CAM air movers, with the addition of an innovative stackable cabinet design. Featuring multiple contact points and interlocking side grills, the Phoenix Stackable CAM Pro can be stored safely and securely up to 4 units high.

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Phoenix Axial Air Mover

The Phoenix Axial Air Mover revolutionized evaporative drying by
producing 3000 CFM of airflow while using less than 2.5 amps of electricity (high speed). The Phoenix Axial Air Mover is the industry’s only air mover specifically engineered with patented Focus Technology.

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Omni Dri Air Mover

Get the lowest amps with the highest airflow. The 2-speed OmniDry 2.9 delivers 3480 FPM at 2.9 amps, is stackable, features two daisy-chain GFCI outlets, a 25′ power cord and a built-in cord wrap.

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Air Scrubbers/Negative Air Machines

AirScrubberThese machines are essential for thorough restoration work because they provide particulate filtration that delivers maximum clean air. Our air scrubbers and negative air machines improve indoor air quality and restore your space to its pre-flood condition efficiently and safely.



Phoenix Guardian HEPA System True 1400 CFM Air Scrubber

The Phoenix Guardian HEPA System was the first portable air scrubbing device designed exclusively for the restoration industry. The Guardian can perform several critical air quality remediation functions simultaneously.

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Dri-Eaz DefendAir HEPA 500 Air Scrubber & Negative Air Machine

Get high efficiency air filtration and great versatility in a highly portable package. The DefendAir HEPA 500 combines advanced air scrubbing performance with the features and functions that help to make the restorer’s job easier, faster, and more profitable.

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Heaters/Thermal Energy Systems

HEaterOur electric heaters efficiently speed up the drying process following a flood, producing up to 20,000 BTUs of instant heat. Ingeniously designed, these heaters for rent can operate virtually anywhere and are safe to operate thanks to internal temperature cutouts.



E-TES SD Low Profile Thermal Energy System

Smaller profile allows the E-TES to fit into tight areas, such as crawl spaces. Lighter weight, only 30 lbs. Built-in ergonomic handles make it easier to carry multiple E-TES’. Straight through air flow, more air flow and less internal turbulence.

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Dri-Eaz Dragon 3600 Mobile Furnace

As the only mobile heater designed and built for restoration, the Dragon delivers the performance you need to tackle drying jobs even in the most difficult conditions. The diesel-fired Dragon can produce up to 120°F of temperature rise to make cold weather drying fast, efficient and profitable!

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Dri-Eaz Rescue Mat System

The Dri-Eaz Rescue Mat system lets you dry out water-damaged hardwood flooring safely and effectively and avoid costly replacement. The Rescue Mat System uses the power of a high-pressure blower to vacuum water vapor right through the surface of the floor.

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Flood/Water Extraction Equipment and Tools

ExtractionMaybe Mother Nature took a turn, or a pipe burst beneath your floor. Maybe your basement sump-pump failed, or someone left the water running for far too long… For these and other restoration emergencies, we offer the water extraction equipment rentals you need to get your business or home quickly on the road to recovery.



Water Claw Flood Tools

Whether you pull the pad or you don’t, the first step to making any flood job easier, faster, and more profitable is to start with sub-surface extraction using the Water Claw. Proven on thousands of flood restorations worldwide. Water Claw Flood Extractors are a “must have” tool for the full-service professional.

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Meters/Testing Tools

MeterDetect moisture quickly and easily with our non-invasive moisture monitors, meters and sensors. We provide testing tool rentals to monitor the moisture content of materials and map the migration of water in pads and carpeting that help guide your work and ensure that your restoration job is complete.



Dri-Eaz Surveymaster

The Surveymaster is a versatile pin and non-invasive meter designed for comfortable, one-handed operation, allowing you to assess moisture levels and plot moisture migration in a wide variety of materials quickly and accurately.

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DesiccantRenting a desiccant is the ideal option for maximum drying, especially for sensitive jobs that require humidistat control. Made of durable, weather resistant materials, some of our desiccants for rent can provide up to six days run time on just 100 gallons of propane, making them some of the most efficient machines available today.