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Industry Leading Propane Burnisher & Floor Cleaner on Same Footprint

It doesn’t make any sense to use two machines to do a floor cleaning task when you can use one. Traditional methods of producing amazing floors typically included using a walk behind floor scrubber and a propane burnisher to get the desired look of a floor, but not anymore! The Phoenix Titan Twin revolutionizes high-speed floor care by utilizing a two-in-one-system that cleans and polishes in one pass, enabling you to save on labor costs while getting great-looking floors.

The Phoenix Titan Twin is putting traditional floor burnishers to shame and revolutionizes floor cleaning by offering two machines in one. In the past, contract cleaners and building service contractors spent enormous amounts of time, energy and money dust mopping, then scrubbing floors, then using a floor burnisher or propane buffer to achieve sometimes mediocre results. With the Phoenix Titan Twin two-in-one system, you just dust mop, then let our unique equipment burnish and scrub at the same time. The outcome is an improved bottom line and superior results.

The system uses citric acids and detergents to clean. Combined with a flex drive system that maximizes pad contact with the floor, the system minimizes the abrasion and removal of floor finish. This preservation of the floor finish reduces the need to re-coat your floor and extends the strip cycles.

At the end of the day, the Titan Twin completely changes the standard on how to clean and restore floors for the lowest total cost of ownership! To learn more about this revolutionary propane burnisher and cleaner, visit Phoenix Floor Care or give us a call today. We have inventory ready to demonstrate at your facility!