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Include Sealers on Your Most-Essential List of Floor Cleaning Products

It’s easier (and less expensive) to prevent a problem than to solve it. The same adage holds true when it comes to caring for your floors. Luckily, there are floor sealers that help protect your flooring from stains as well as daily wear and tear.

Take note of everything you need to know about the variety of sealers and how to choose the best product.

Initial-use sealer

 This type of sealer is usually applied to a floor shortly after it has been installed. It’s usually recommended for floors made of porous materials, such as brick, sandstone, and other natural stone.

List of Floor Cleaning Products

Regular-use sealer

Think of regular-use sealers as maintenance products. While some floors are fine with just a single initial sealer, other floor materials require additional coatings down the line as the original sealer breaks down.

Restorative sealer

Floors are more susceptible to wear and tear than most parts of your building. If its sheen and resilience need replenished, merchants of janitorial supplies stock several restorative sealers. These products are applicable to most natural stone floors, as well as unglazed tile. In some instances, you may need to strip the original layer before applying the restorative sealer.

Making the right choice

Of course, the sealer that you use depends largely on your type of floor. However, there are common features you need to consider before choosing a sealer.

Is it safe? A slip-and-fall accident can lead to very expensive lawsuits. Hence, make sure that the sealer you buy does not increase the slipperiness of the floor. Likewise, double-check it for possibly harmful fumes.

Aesthetics. A coat of sealer can make any floor look more attractive. But, determine the sealer’s sheen factor before buying it. Some floor sealers leave a glossy finish while others leave a satin-like surface.

Performance. Also, check whether your sealer improves the performance of your floor. Does it increase the weather resistance or durability of your floor surface? Does it make it more resistant to stains and grime?

Keeping a floor pristine is no easy task. But, with the help of sealers and floor cleaning products in Buffalo, you can rest assured that your floor will continue looking great and performing well for years to come. Just be sure to secure your supplies from the most reputable companies in the area.