DRI-EAZ HEPA 2000 Air Scrubber

Our high-volume, high-efficiency air filtration system



HEPA 2000 Air Scrubber


Our high-volume, high-efficiency air filtration system. Featuring two-stage filtration technology, this unit removes extremely fine airborne particles such as dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander and miscellaneous debris. Suitable for use in homes, light industrial settings, schools, hospitality venues and healthcare environments, the variable airflow and 12-in ductable outlet enable use in containment setups or wherever portable and effective HEPA filtration is needed. Its quieter operation makes it especially useful in large occupied spaces.
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• Variable air movement (500–2000 CFM / 14.2–56.6 m3/min.) for versatile application and precise control on negative- and positive-pressure setups.
• Filter change light indicates when the HEPA filter needs to be changed.
• Prefilter helps to extend life of HEPA filter.
• Includes one primary HEPA filter and one prefilter.
• Locking 3 in. casters provide easy deployment and secure the unit while in use and for transport.
• Sturdy aluminum case ensures durable service in all environments.

Product Number: 123668
Weight:  124 lbs. | 56.25 kg
Air movement:  500–2000 CFM | 14.2–56.6 m3/m
Static pressure:  2.68 in. | 6.81 cm H2O
Dimensions (H × D × W):  28.37 × 29.17 × 35.63 in. | 72.06 × 74.09 × 95.50 cm
Outlet duct size:  12 in. | 30.5 cm
Amps:  7.7 A
Voltage:  115V
Frequency:  60 Hz
Power cord:  25 ft. | 7.6 m
Prefilter:  24 × 24 × 2 in. MERV-11 pleated HVAC. Reorder #122781, case of 12.
HEPA filter:  24 × 24 × 12 in. H13 (99.97%) HEPA filter. Galvanized frame, fiberglass/paper media, aluminum foil separator. Reorder #121754, one ea.
Safety:  ETL listed to UL 507 and CSA C22.2 No. 113

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