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Floor Matting to Reduce Dirt and Debris in Your Facility

We walk facilities with our customers  to address deficiencies in cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. A common list of deficiencies may range from high dusting or dirty HVAC vents to soiled carpets. They all are looking for answers as to why they are having these issues. More times than not it starts at the entrance. Most people are not aware that up to 80% of interior soil is brought into facilities from foot traffic. The utilization of entrance floor matting ensures that the majority of dirt will be stopped at the entrance.  Order mats now to ensure you’re ready for the coming winter!

Let us show you how to reduce debris and dirt in your facility with Notrax Mats. Notrax offers a range of ergonomic, entrance, safety and anti-fatigue mats for foodservice, commercial and industrial environments. An industry leader for over 65 years, Notrax delivers the highest quality products and remains on the cutting edge of innovation. Their commitment to quality and continual improvement is evident in their on-site chemists and product testing lab, and they are involved in the ISO certification program that serves as the leading quality assurance system for companies around the globe. 

Our inventory includes a wide range of Notrax floor matting, and we’d love to create a custom solution for your facility’s needs and budget. We do recommend taking a three-pronged approach to reducing dirt and debris that includes scraper mats, entrance mats and mats designed for finishing, drying and cleaning. These are three of our favorites for those purposes, and together they create an effective barrier to dirt and debris: 

Prelude Scraper Mat 

The Prelude scraper mat is made of a coarse loop-twisted non-absorbent fiber that begins the removal of dirt and debris from foot traffic when placed outside your facility’s entrance. The aggressive fibers entrap debris and stop it from entering your facility, and the mat may be used alone or as part of a greater entrance matting system. The low profile makes it perfect for narrow clearance doorways, and the vinyl backing ensures minimal mat movement and buckling. Available in black, brown and grey, it is ideal for main entranceways and heavy traffic areas in schools, lobbies, hospital entrances and any facility that wants to reduce debris. 

Encore Entrance Mat 

The Encore entrance mat relies on a combination of scraping and looped pile Decalon drying yarns in a linear pattern to facilitate scraping and start the drying process. A heavy-weight vinyl non-slip backing ensures minimal movement, and the low profile makes it ideal for narrow clearance doorways. The Encore may be used as a stand-alone mat or as the second part of a coordinated system in main entrance ways that see medium to heavy traffic. 

Ovation Floor Mat for Finishing, Drying and Cleaning 

The Ovation floor mat is made with tufted Decalon looped pile construction, making it an attractive and efficient finishing, drying and cleaning mat. Use it alone or as the third step in a coordinated entrance matting system. Like the Prelude and Encore, the Ovation works well in narrow clearance doorways thanks to its low profile, and the vinyl backing ensures minimal movement and buckling. Available in burgundy, brown, grey, black and blue, we highly recommend this mat for main entranceways and heavy traffic areas in lobbies, schools and other busy facilities. 

Want to see these floor mats in person or interested in a custom solution for your facility? Give us a call today at (716) 674-9860 to schedule your FREE demo and talk to our experts about your matting needs!

About the Author – Scott DePaolo

Scott’s 25 years of experience in sales and customer service have helped him become an industry leader. Understanding how to work with his customers “in” their businesses everyday while also stressing the importance of taking time out to work “on” their businesses make him a favorite with his customers.