EDIC SATURN High Speed Burnishers

1500 and 2000 RPM

EDIC Galaxy floor machine

0HS1500-BK-SV (1500 RPM)
0HS2000-BK-SV (2000 RPM)


Saturn High Speed Burnisher

$1328 (1500 RPM)
$1328 (2000 RPM)

Saturn™ floor burnishers make it simple to bring a smooth, super high-gloss luster to any hard floor surface. Watching these machines in action will make anyone a believer! The Saturn™ high speed floor burnishers are as durable as they are dependable with a stainless steel brush cover and tough frame motors with belt drive.

All Saturn high speed floor burnishers come complete with flex-lock pad driver and high-speed pad.

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