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EDIC SATURN Dual Speed Floor Machines

17″ or 20″ available

EDIC Saturn Low Speed Floor Machine

17DS3-BK-SV (17”)
20DS3-BK-SV (20”)


Saturn Dual Speed Floor Machines

$1265 (17”)
$1295 (20”)

Get more bang for your buck with one machine that does the work of two! Strip, scrub, spray-buff, polish, shampoo, bonnet clean… you name it, this machine does it all! Designed for professional floor care maintenance, the dual speed floor machines from EDIC® are equipped with long-wearing steel triple planetary gearboxes, providing heavy duty yet quiet operation. Safety comes first with the exclusive “lockout” lever that allows the motor to be activated while keeping both hands on the handle grips. Use the lower speed to scrub and strip then just flip the switch to high speed and polish floors to a glossy luster. Operation is smooth and easy in even the toughest commercial settings.

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