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Floor Cleaning Products in Buffalo We Love

Floor Cleaning ProductsFor your business to be successful, you need to be productive. One way to increase company productivity is by keeping the work environment clean and hygienic. The average worker loses approximately nine days of work each year due to sickness, which can be prevented by maintaining cleanliness in the workplace. Not to mention, clean offices can certainly boost mood and positivity compared to a cluttered one. Keeping employees happy and healthy is a surefire way to increase your business’ productivity.

To keep your floors in a good shape, here are some of the things you need to try.


Microfiber is one of our favorite cleaning supplies in Buffalo NY. There are so many applications to microfibers. Since the microfiber is a cleaning cloth made of synthetic polymers, it’s a green way to clean. Its fibers can pick up and hold dirt instead of pushing it around like traditional fibers. Due to its reusable nature, you can save money and reduce waste and still be clean at the same time. You can use microfibers virtually everywhere: in the pantry, bathroom, desks, shiny surfaces, and floors. Microfiber mops are the recommended cleaning products to prevent scratches on shiny floor surfaces.

Floor Cleaners

There are two types of Buffalo commercial cleaning supplies you need for a spot-free floor: daily cleanser and deep cleanser. As suggested by the names, a daily cleanser is something you should use every day while deep cleanser should be done weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the foot traffic on your floors. However, you should only use the proper cleaning products for your specific floor materials. Cleaning solutions for ceramic tiles and concrete floors certainly will not be the same.

Grout Cleaners

Grout is a crevice filler made out of mortar or paste, located between the tiles. It comes in many colors, but white is the typical color of choice for many users. The most common problems in grouts are cracks, uneven colors, and stains. Grout is porous and thus hold dirt and grease. To properly clean grout, you should use mild scrubs. To even out the color, you can dilute bleach with water and rub the mixture onto the grout.

Large businesses can benefit more from using floor machines and burnishers compared to the traditional brooms and mops. This will also give a positive impression to clients and partners of the company. To learn more about our Buffalo NY commercial cleaning supplies, contact us today!