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Extend the Life of Carpets with Encapsulation Cleaning

In cleaning, what you see with your eyes tells only part of the story. We know there’s a difference, for example, between simply wiping off a surface to remove soils and actually disinfecting the surface. Carpet cleaning is similar: your carpet may appear clean, but it may actually be holding dirt and debris that can cause damages when pounded into fibers by foot traffic.

Encapsulation cleaning can reduce this dirt and debris to extend the life of your carpet and keep your indoor environment fresh.

This technique uses detergent compounds and crystallizing polymers to emulsify and bind oily and dry embedded soils. The soil particles dry to a brittle structure that vacuums can easily remove. Encapsulation cleaning extends the time between wet extractions and doesn’t cause re-soiling.

Versatile Encapsulation Solutions


Bridgepoint Systems’ Encapuclean DS with Maxim suspends and releases soils with even faster drying times than other solutions. Most carpets cleaned with Encapuclean dry in under an hour, preventing the yellowing, wicking and recurring stains that we often see with commercial carpets. With this solution, your carpets actually get cleaner with each and every vacuuming.

Bridgepoint Systems’ Encapuclean O2 includes a unique peroxide boost that helps activate other key ingredients, enabling it to remove stains and soils from almost any source. Coffee, blood, wine, urine and other substances are no match! Best of all, it contains no high pH phosphates or harsh solvents, making it effective and safe to use on all synthetic wool and carpet.

The Right Equipment for Low-Moisture and Encapsulation Cleaning

Both solutions may be used in our rotating brush machines from Hydro-Force. The Brush Pro 20” and Brush Pro 10” outlast, out-clean and outperform every other encapsulation machine on the market!

Both units feature a durable stainless steel body and offer non-stop cleaning for over 24 hours without worrying about the machine overheating. In addition to encapsulation cleaning, they also are perfect for pile lifting and dry soil removal on carpets and can be used on hard surfaces to wash floors, scrub, dry and even perform tile and grout cleaning.

This versatility, quiet operation and nearly instantaneous drying make the Brush Pro 20” and 10” rotating brush machines perfect for hospitals, hotels, airports, casinos and other busy facilities where hot water extraction isn’t feasible.

Superior cleaning results are achieved through heavy-duty motors that spin brushes at an incredible 380 RPM to thoroughly and quickly clean all sides of the carpet fiber. Cylindrical brush agitation carries the soil from the bottom of the carpet’s pile to the top, where it is encapsulated and later removed through vacuuming.

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