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Gear Up for Spring – Schedule Equipment Maintenance in Buffalo Today!

Vacuum repair in Buffalo

It may not feel like it right now, but spring will be here before we know it. That means it’s time to prep for spring cleaning! Get your cleaning equipment in gear by scheduling repairs with our highly-trained service department today. Give us a call at 716-674-9860 to schedule, and be sure to ask about our specials!

Our fast and efficient repairs and equipment maintenance in Buffalo keep your machines running at peak performance, and we work quickly to minimize downtime as much as possible. We serve New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts and the entire Northeast.

Our mechanics are certified for Dri-Eax, Phoenix, HydraMaster, ProChem, Sapphire Scientific, Minuteman, ProTeam, Electroux and Omni equipment, and we service everything we sell!

That includes all makes and models of:

  • Propane burnishers and strippers
  • Vacuums
  • Drying machines
  • Automatic floor scrubbers
  • Automatic floor sweepers
  • High-speed buffers
  • Truckmounts (including installation and reel and water tank repair)
  • Vacuums
  • Carpet extractors
  • And more!

Carpet Extractor Maintenance and Repairs

Carpet extractors are large investments, and practicing routine maintenance can help you avoid heft repairs or, even worse, replacement.

Luckily, extractor maintenance is simple and can help you avoid clogged jets, streaky floors, smelly tanks and overworked motors.

We recommend setting aside a few minutes each time you run your carpet extractor to:

  • Remove the jets across the machine’s front to run hot water and vinegar through them until the water comes out in a full fan pattern
  • Clean and rinse filters, brushes and hoses
  • Drain and rinse tanks, ensuring that the float valve is properly moving
  • Remove clean brushes and store them without flattening them out on the floor

Practicing these simple maintenance tips and storing your carpet extractor properly can help you avoid many issues, but if your unit won’t start, doesn’t stay on, has poor water pickup or low suction or has no or low heat, contact our service department at 716-674-9860  to schedule repairs!

Dehumidifier Maintenance and Repairs

Our dehumidifiers from Dri-Eaz, Phoenix and other top manufacturers deliver industry-leading performance, but only when they are well-maintained.

Before using your dehumidifier, always inspect the electrical cord for damage and take a look at the filter. Check for accumulated dirt and dust than can restrict airflow. If you notice any, replace the filter.

Each month, check the coils and give them a good cleaning when they become visibly dirty. Dirt coils can cause your dehumidifier to overheat and also affect performance. To clean, vacuum both sides, taking care not to let the nozzle touch the fins.

Check the pump basin and drip tray and clean if needed, and check your drain hose for obstructions. Finally, inspect and clean the pump check valve.

Following these tips will help keep your equipment operating smoothly!

Floor Scrubber Maintenance

Getting the most life out of your floor scrubber means conducting regular routine maintenance. Regular maintenance helps you get the best return on your investment, reduces unplanned downtime and lowers service and repair costs in the future.

Before using your floor scrubber, always check the batteries and make sure the battery terminals are free from corrosion. Check the drain and hose for leaks or clogs, remove any leftover debris and check the debris tray to make sure it is empty.

At the end of every cleaning procedure, drain the solution and recovery tanks. Forgoing this step can cause a sludge-like mixture to form as dirt and sediment settle. If that mixture is allowed to dry, it can be very difficult to remove, cause odors and impede the performance of your scrubber.

After emptying the tanks, rinse them with clean water and store them with the lid open so they can dry fully.

Always clean the squeegee assembly after use as well. Remove the squeegee, wash it and wipe it dry to remove dirt and grime. If the sides appear worn or torn, replace the blade before using again.

Lastly, remove and clean the floor pad or brush to remove excess debris and dirt and ensure the best clean going forward.

We have the best team, knowledge and experience to keep your floor scrubber and other equipment in peak condition and reduce the risk of surprise breakdowns! If you are in the northeast and need help maintaining your janitorial or restoration equipment or need repairs or replacement parts, don’t hesitate to contact HJS Supply today. Our service team can be reached at 716-674-9860 Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, and don’t forget to ask about our service specials!


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