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Determining Soap Quantities for Proper Handwashing

Like other commercial cleaning supplies in Buffalo, when it comes to soap, one size does not fit all. We are often asked how much soap is actually needed to properly wash hands, but the answer varies widely, and our soap dispensers come in a range of capacities.

Many facility managers ask the question in an effort to cut down on spending. Using less soap costs less money, but is this really a good place to cut corners?

You can get away with using less soap if the product you choose is of high quality. Good soaps that lather easily may be perfectly effective when dispensed in smaller amounts, and foam soaps tend to give facilities more mileage because they distribute better on the hands when compared to liquid soaps.

Let’s say a dispenser doles out 0.4mL of soap at a time. If it’s filled with a foam soap, that may feel like plenty. If it’s filled with liquid soap, that same amount may feel lacking.

The amount of soap you use also depends on your industry. Medical settings, automotive garages and industrial facilities may require more soap per use than schools or retail establishments, for instance.

We are happy to help recommend the best soap amounts for your facility, budget and needs. Contact us today to learn more about our hand soaps, floor cleaning equipment, floor cleaning supplies and more!