PHOENIX R250 LGR Dehumidifier

Patented ByPass™ Technology, Increased Airflow, Multiple Ducting Options



R250 LGR


The Phoenix R250 replaces the R200 in the Phoenix Rotomold LGR Product Line.

The Phoenix R250 LGR Dehumidifier has been redesigned from the inside out to be a rugged, high-performance dehumidifier. Phoenix is leading the industry by introducing epoxy-coated coils. This new feature will extend the life of the coils, provide protection in corrosive environments, and maintain the coil’s heat transferability. Phoenix also added a rugged float switch designed specifically for restoration environments.

We kept the outstanding handle used on the R200 along with patented ByPass™ technology, increased airflow, multiple ducting options, and a pleated media filter. And, with some amazing Phoenix Engineering, the R250 removes the most water of the Phoenix roto molds at 135 pints per day (AHAM) while drawing only 8.3 amps of electricity.

By using Phoenix’s patented ByPass™ system, the R250 will continue to maximize water removal in temperatures beyond the competition’s acceptable operating range. The R250 also offers user-friendly solid-state controls which – in addition to power and purge buttons – featuring total hours and job hours.

The R250 also provides a number of convenience features that set it apart from the competition. The unit features an outlet grill that is configured to accept a variety of Thermo hygrometer probes (e.g. HM-34 and 40, etc.) for taking accurate psychrometric readings. For added convenience, the power cord and condensate hose stored inside the hinged lid, while the stackable design helps maximize your storage capacity. Like all Phoenix dehumidifiers, the R250 also features superior filtration and multiple ducting options.

Patented Bypass System: Maximizes water removal in temperatures beyond the competitions acceptable operating range.

Psychrometric Readings: Features an outlet grill configured to accept a variety of Thermo hydrometer probes.

• Epoxy-Coated Coils: Extends the life of the coils and provides protection in corrosive environments.

Part Number: 4034460
Power: Current Draw: 8.3 Amps; Voltage: 120 VAC, Grounded
Water Removal: 135 PPD at 80°F/60% RH (AHAM)
CFM: 310 CFM
Filter: Pleated 12” x 12” x 1” Media MERV 11
Ducting Options: 10” Lay-Flat
Cord Length: 25 Ft. Power Cord
Unit Dimensions: Width: 20”, Height: 33.5”, Depth: 20”, Weight: 109 Lbs.
Operating Range: 33°F to 110°F
Refrigerant Charge: 1 Lb., 3 Oz. R-410A

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