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Coronavirus Disinfectants: Fight Bac RTU from Betco

Hospitals, schools, hospitality establishments, nursing homes and other facilities are doing everything in their power to create safer, cleaner healthier spaces during this pandemic, especially as flu season is underway too. One of the best ways they can do that is focus on disinfecting frequently-touched objects, but this can take a huge amount of time to do correctly. Any product that can cut down on cleaning and disinfecting time while getting the job done right should be a welcome addition to your janitor’s cart.

Fight Bac RTU Kills 21 Germs in 3 Minutes

Betco’s Fight Bac RTU does just that — this quaternary based anti-bacterial cleaner is one of our favorite disinfectant sprays because it provides excellent performance in cutting grease, heavy soil and filth with quick drying times. It’s effective against a range of pathogens, including the human coronavirus, TB, HBV, HAV, HCV, staph, salmonella and pseudomonas, and it can be used on any hard, nonporous surface.

It’s ideal for cleaning and disinfecting frequently-touched surfaces where germs spread quickly, including door knobs, counters, desks and tables.

To use, simply hold the container six to eight inches away from the surface to be treated. Spray until the area is covered with solution. Allow the surface to remain wet for three minutes, then wipe off with a clean sponge, mop or cloth. No scrubbing necessary!

Fight-Bac RTU can also be used in electrostatic sprayers for full 360-degree disinfection.

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