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Cleanliness in Schools Boosts Attendance, Student Performance

Cleaning clearly makes schools look better, but it also safeguards the health of teachers, administrators and students. Infection control is essential in educational facilities where germs, bacteria and diseases can spread quickly between young people with vulnerable immune systems.

An effective school cleaning and sanitation program can have a deep impact on students’ well-being, health and performance. Environmental researcher Dr. Michael Berry makes that clear in his report titled “The Contribution of Restoration and Effective Operation and Maintenance Programs on Indoor Environmental Quality and Educational Performance in Schools.” Dr. Berry states that “There is a demonstrated link between effective facility management programs for cleaning and maintenance and environmental quality of schools. The quality of the school environment…determines an overall sense of well-being and shapes attitudes of students, teachers and staff. Attitudes affect teaching and learning behavior. Behavior in turn affects teaching and academic performance.” 

Sharing classrooms and facilities like cafeterias, restrooms and locker rooms elevates the risk of exposure to germs and bacteria that can potentially make students sick. In the previous academic year, schools around the United States saw outbreaks of the flu virus that reached epidemic proportions.

Stopping the spread of illnesses in educational facilities is the most essential key in lowering absentee rates. These rates have an affect on the funding schools receive in many parts of the United States, and students and teachers miss over 60 million school days each year due to the flu and colds alone.

Keeping your space clean and healthy is essential to keeping students and teachers in the classrooms. Cleaning to remove bacteria, viruses, allergens, fungal spores, molds and indoor air pollution increases the health and well-being of a school and creates a better learning environment for students.

Clean spaces do more than just help students concentrate on learning. They also keep teachers and students healthy and drastically reduce illnesses that require frequent absences from the classroom. 

Properly cleaning and disinfecting frequently-touched surfaces like cafeteria tables, doorknobs and desks can significantly reduce disease transmission via both indirect and direct contact with contaminated surfaces. Proper food waste disposal and management reduces pests and the numerous diseases spread from mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and other critters. 

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