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Betco’s Crete Rx System: The Right Prescription for Polished Concrete & Terrazzo Floors

Looking for the simplest concrete system on the market? Over the years I’ve been factory trained on a number of processes to polish concrete and terrazzo floors and the Betco Crete Rx system is bar far the simplest. The ability to provide great gloss and not have to use a finish makes it stand out from the rest. The labor to achieve these results are a fraction of the other systems and the low cost of maintaining the floors after is the icing on the cake!

Get Great Gloss without Finish 

Choosing and using diamond polishing pads is complicated and cumbersome. The Crete Rx System eliminates the need for them by using one simple process for every level of concrete maintenance. Better yet — it only requires two tools to get the job done. 

Superior Stain Protection 

The Crete Rx System repels stains, etching and other marks by continually filling concrete with sealant. This protective layer delivers superior stain protection while enhancing gloss. 

Sealant-Infused Technology 

Take polished concrete maintenance to the next level with the Crete Rx System’s sealant-infused cleaning a burnishing maintenance pads. While most sealants are just topical films, this technology actually fills the concrete with sealant, providing a deep gloss without the need for floor finish. 

Reduced Maintenance 

Any product that reduces the need for daily maintenance is a winner in our book. The unique chemistry of the Crete Rx System means you won’t spend so much time and labor on dust mitigation after applying. 

Choose Your Prescription 

The Crete Rx System can be used to serve a huge range of floor care needs. If your floor gets minimal wear and has a moderate gloss, we recommend using it for routine maintenance — scrubbing with the SI Cleaning pad and Densiclean cleaner will build the gloss and stain protection you need. 

Does your floor with moderate wear need interim maintenance? Dry scrub first with the SI polishing tool, then apply Stain Defense penetrating sealer, burnish with the SI Burnishing pad and finish up by scrubbing with the SI Cleaning pad and Densiclean cleaner. 

Need restorative maintenance on a floor with excessive wear, no gloss and stains and etching? The Crete Rx System has you covered there too. Use the honing tool and LiquiGrind to remove the toughest etching, wear and stains, then follow the procedures recommended for interim and routine maintenance.

Want to see this extraordinary results in person? Contact us today to learn more and schedule your free demo! 

About Betco

Betco was founded in 1950 by Carl and Ann Betz of Toledo, Ohio. With experience in the distribution industry, the Betzes realized they could provide customers with faster service and higher quality products than distribution suppliers could at the time. With this goal in mind, Carl and Ann established Betco Corporation and entered the cleaning and sanitation industry with two products.

In it’s early years, Betco generated a great deal of interest and successfully acquired 45 distributor partners at their first appearance at the ISSA show in 1954. Betco has grown exponentially and now offers hundreds of chemical and equipment solutions, comprehensive market programs and industry-leading training resources for end users and sales professionals.