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Air Scrubbers in Buffalo: Your FAQs Answered

Misc. Restoration Equipment (Desiccant Dehu, HEPA 500 Air Scrubber, Omni Dry Fans) - Used

Our air scrubbers in Buffalo are essential for thorough restoration work because they provide particulate filtration that delivers maximum clean air. Our air scrubbers by Phoenix and Dri-Eaz improve indoor air quality and restore your space to its pre-flood condition efficiently and safely.

What exactly is an air scrubber?

In the simplest terms, an air scrubber is a portable filtration system. It draws in air from the surrounding environment and passes it through a series of filters. These filters then remove particles from the air to help improve indoor air quality.

What’s the difference between an air scrubber and a negative air machine?

The two terms are often used interchangeably, but their applications are very different.

An air scrubber stands alone in the middle of a room with no ducting attached. The air the machine filters is recirculated into the surrounding area. Air scrubber help improve general air quality on the job site.

Negative air machines use ducting to remove contaminated air from a sealed containment area. The filtered air is actually exhausted outside of the containment. This creates what we call negative air pressure inside the containment area. These machines limit the spread of contaminants to other areas inside the structure.

Why should I use an air scrubber?

Cleanup of mold, sewage and/or fire damage generates large amounts of particulates and smelly gases. These contaminates are both the result of the damage itself and also of the process of treating and cleaning damaged materials. These contaminants settle on nearby upholstery, carpet and furnishings and can be drawn into the HVAC system. These particles can include relatively innocuous contaminants like human skin cells or dirt, but they can also include chemical agents and other particulates that can cause adverse human health effects when inhaled.

Our air scrubbers in Buffalo help prevent these potentially harmful gases and particles from remaining in the indoor environment. By reducing the amount of airborne particles, they also reduce the odds that occupants will inhale gases or contaminants.

How do air scrubbers benefit technicians on the job?

Air scrubbers greatly reduce the risk for people working on the job. Air scrubbers are often more effective, less expensive and more comfortable than using respirators. Consider an air scrubber an investment in the health and productivity of the people who do restoration work.

How do air scrubbers benefit building occupants?

Our air scrubbers help create safer, cleaner indoor environments for occupants both while restoration is underway and after. Occupants can re-enter spaces without odor or health complaints, increasing the value and quality of service you offer.

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