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A+ Back-to-School Cleaning Tips

We know it is still summer, but janitorial crews are heading back to school. If you’re in charge of making sure your school is in tip-top shape for the first day, follow these cleaning tips to earn an A+!

1. Start with a Plan

Schools are large buildings with many varying needs. Spend time this month creating a thorough cleaning plan, separating the building by room types: cafeterias and break rooms, stairways and hallways, restrooms, classrooms, gyms and other types of spaces. From there, you can thoughtfully create a cleaning plan that addresses the unique needs of each type of space.

2. Check Out Your Equipment

Before students and teachers begin filling the halls again, do a thorough assessment of all your janitorial equipment. If machines are past their prime or no longer working efficiently, consider repairs or replacement.

3. Deep-Clean Restrooms

School restrooms see a lot of traffic each day, and a year of kids coming in and out can do more damage than you’d think. Take time before the first day to do a deep cleaning in all restrooms, including cleaning vents and light fixtures, scrubbing walls and stalls and getting dirt and grime out from grout. It will be much more difficult to complete these tasks when school is back in session.

4. Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies in Buffalo

Get your janitorial closet fully sticked and ready for the new school year by shopping our convenient online catalog of the best cleaning supplies in Buffalo. You’ll need all-purpose cleaners to remove most germs, sanitizers for high-risk areas and disinfectants for places like railings and bathrooms that may harbor many germs.

5. Organize Your Cleaning Closet

Ensure that your janitorial closet will earn an A+ this school year by cleaning and organizing it before the first day back. Double-check that all supplies are properly labeled, mops are cleaned, equipment is maintained and everything is in its place.