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3 Concrete Flooring Myths

Concrete floors have been evolving for decades, and while they used to be restricted to utilitarian areas like warehouses and workspaces, you can now see them in any type of commercial or residential facility. 

These floors also look markedly different than the concrete floors of yesterday. They are often stained or dyed and decorated with designs and patterns. In fact, many designers are now calling concrete the new “in” floor type. It’s loved for its durability, low cost compared to other options like stone, and it typically doesn’t require high-level maintenance to keep it looking great. 

Like all materials, the more you know about concrete, the better you can maintain it. Check out these three myths about concrete and learn the truth about this versatile, trendy flooring. 

Myth 1: Cement and concrete are the same. 

People use these terms interchangeably, but cement is not the same as concrete. Cement is a component of concrete, along with sand, crushed stones and gravel. 

Myth 2: Wet mopping with water is the best way to clean concrete. 

Like other flooring types, concrete gets scuffed and soiled by foot traffic, spills and more. These floors are extremely porous unless they’ve been properly sealed, and you’ll need a cleaning solution designed just for concrete floors to make them look their best. If your using a floor machine, ask us for recommendations on our favorite solutions with low-friction lubricants. These will help you effortlessly glide the floor machine over the surface. 

Myth 3: Concrete floors don’t require floor maintenance programs. 

Although concrete doesn’t usually require an extensive floor maintenance program, you still need to put regular work in to keep it looking its best. If your concrete floor isn’t sealed, you’ll need to sweep or vacuum every day and use a wet mop or floor machine to clean it regularly. 

If sealant and finish have been applied, your floor will need buffing and burnishing to make it shine. If you don’t have the right equipment, contact us today to learn about our rental floor cleaning equipment in Buffalo. We will work with you to deliver the right tools for the job.