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Top Reasons Why You Should Try “Green” Commercial Cleaning Supplies

When choosing products for commercial or industrial cleaning (e.g. janitorial solutions, floor pads, and disinfectants), people often go for the ones that they’ve already tried and tested, or the ones that they believe should be worth the price. They rarely take the time to think about what these products are made of, or what their long term effects are, for they are confident that as long as they can clean effectively then the job is getting done.

In recent years, however, many products have gone “green” and those that are “going green” or “making the switch to green” are still growing in numbers. What does it mean, though, for a product to be labelled green? Simply put, these products have just been made safer for the environment and for our health.

What about cleaning supplies? What benefits do green cleaning supplies have to offer?

going green

Evidently Eco-Friendly

Green commercial cleaning products were made to clean like the regular ones, only with less harmful environmental impact, thanks to their almost all-natural content.

Also, since they are eco-friendly (containing organic materials instead of toxic substances), such products have been certified by Green Seal, a non-profit organization that sets the standards for eco-friendly products and services. Remember to check for this seal whenever you are purchasing supposedly “green” items.

Certainly a Safer Solution

As a general rule, what is considered good for Mother Nature is also good for humans, and what could potentially harm it can also harm people.

Conventional cleaning products that are widely used in commercial or industrial settings usually contain substances such as phthalates, benzene, and formaldehyde. These chemicals, however, have been deemed harmful to the health and potentially toxic.

In addition, these chemicals have also been associated with various ailments such as cancer, lung disease, and sexual problems. In an attempt to reduce these health risks, companies specializing in commercial cleaning supplies are offering green cleaning product as the safer alternative.

Clearly Cost Effective

Generally speaking, green cleaning supplies in Buffalo, NY are much safer than conventional cleansers that are typically made with strong chemicals. The former is, therefore, the better option as it minimizes the need for additional protective equipment (e.g. safety gear including masks, gloves, goggles) and costly waste disposal procedures.

Moreover, it lessens the health risks involved in using commercial cleaning products, thereby boosting manpower efficiency and reducing incidences of hospitalization and injury.

Therefore, while some may think that so-called green products are more expensive, the factors stated above are clear illustrations of how “going green” can actually save you more in the long run. The same goes for commercial cleaning solutions.

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