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Tips for Proper Handling of Commercial Cleaning Products and Supplies

If you are involved in cleaning tasks in your office, you probably find yourself using a number of cleaning supplies on a regular basis. Like most people, you do not necessarily know the chemical components of those everyday cleaning agents or exactly how they should be handled and stored for optimal safety. Fortunately, it is easy to learn how to care for and store cleaning products and supplies. By remembering a few simple tips, you can be sure that your environment is not only clean, but safe as well.

Cleaning Supplies

One of the most important steps to take to ensure proper handling of cleaning supplies is to follow a strict chemical safety program that includes making a complete list of all cleaning chemicals used in the facility. Make sure that there is documentation about the potential hazards associated with each chemical as well as a Safety Data Sheet for each chemical.

When it comes to floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY, including like mops, buckets, buffers, and large sweepers, top providers such as HJS Supply Company advise that it is best to find a designated location for proper storage. Setting up signage that is easily visible above the designated storage closet or area can help prevent any unforeseen injury. All employees that may encounter cleaning equipment and supplies should easily understand any signs displayed.

It is essential to take note of any problems or potential risks that may be present in the work environment and take corrective action as quickly as possible. If your facility is getting low on personal protective equipment, it is essential to restock those items before they completely run out. Using personal protective equipment can have a significant impact on the level of safety achieved while working with any cleaning supplies or potentially hazardous chemicals.

Regardless of the reason for coming in contact with commercial janitorial supplies, safety should be a top priority. Janitors, maids, housekeepers and even office workers deserve to feel comfortable in their working environment, which can be easily achieved by taking a few extra precautions to ensure everyone’s utmost safety.