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Spring Cleaning Your Floors with Our Cleaning Supplies in Buffalo NY

Even the best floor care programs can’t prevent all damages to your floors during the harsh Buffalo winters. A thorough spring cleaning is usually necessary to restore and refresh them. To get your floors looking like new again, we recommend stripping them, then recoating with a high-quality floor finish. This process will get rid of the leftover contaminants from the winter season and make your floors shine once again.

Before you strip your floors, make sure you are using the right cleaning supplies in Buffalo, NY, for the job. There are two types of strippers: water-based and solvent-based. The type of stripping formula you use should match the coating type of your floors. Water-based strippers should be used for water-based coating, and solvent-based strippers are needed for solvent-based coating. Both types of strippers remove the finish of the floor through a chemical action paired with the mechanical action of a pad, brush or floor machine.

It may be tempting to recoat your floors with a urethane-based product that boasts of low maintenance for years, but these products are often touch to correctly apply and require expensive chemicals and intensive labor to remove. You may save in the short run with these products, but you will end up spending more the next time you strip your floors.

The best way to determine what types of cleaning supplies in Buffalo, NY, you need to make your floors look like new is to talk to an expert. Contact our knowledgable team today at 716-674-9860 to learn how to best spruce up your floors this spring!