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Reasons Why DIY Formulas are Inferior to Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Nowadays, people are looking for various ways to cut down on costs without sacrificing the safety or cleanliness of a particular building or establishment. While some are singing praises to DIY cleaning formulations mostly found in the internet, cleaning experts do not recommend using DYI formulas as they can inevitably do more harm than good in the long run.

Buffalo residents are advised to buy commercial cleaning supplies as opposed to skimping on the costs by blending DIY for cleaning their homes and places of business.

commercial cleaning supplies

Why you should steer away from DIY formulas

Although it is true that certain household items can be effectively used as a cleaning agent either by itself or in combination of another pertinent ingredient, the possible end-results may not be as regular as you might like.

There are many factors that can make a DIY cleaning formula go wrong and lead to having inconsistent field results. From using inferior materials to not utilizing powerful additives that can help clean faster and more thoroughly, there is a wide range of reasons that can ultimately lead to higher costs as opposed to purchasing branded cleaning supplies in Buffalo NY.

For example, you might have heard of the wonders of the vinegar and an essential oil blend to produce a homemade all-purpose cleaner. While it is true that both vinegar and essential oils have antibacterial properties on their own, this strange blend does not necessarily clean – on the contrary, essential oils makes it a lot harder to clean a surface as dirt would just stick to the residual oil. Not to mention the not so pleasant smell of vinegar on your furniture can be annoying. Thus, it is much better to buy a commercially available, all-purpose cleaner for the same job.

Wholesale vs. Retail

Another advantage of commercial cleaning supplies over DYI is the fact that you can get a whole range of cleaning chemicals for a wholesale price. This means you can save, not only more money but also time, from shopping or spending a day coming up with your own cleaning concoctions.

Also, you’ll have more control on the price of wholesale commercial cleaning supplies as opposed to purchasing your DIY ingredients individually. The magic of wholesale is that it makes negotiations with the cleaning supply distributor easier as you’ll be paying in bulk. There is also a chance that you can customize the cleaning supplies based on your home or business’ needs without incurring any additional costs or sweating the customizations on your own.

Therefore, if you find that you are needing some quality cleaning supplies for your home or business consumption, contact cleaning supplies companies near Buffalo NY, like HJS Supply, to get a price quotation.