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Proper Floor Cleaning with Janitorial Equipment

Slippery and dirty floors can cause accidents such as slips, trips, and falls. Such conditions invite trouble for any business place, and customers may file a case against you for injuries suffered in your establishment. This is one of the reasons why it is necessary to regularly clean and maintain all the floors properly in your facility.

However, commercial floor cleaning isn’t as simple as, say, mopping your home’s kitchen. You must adopt a cleaning program that doesn’t interfere with your business or put your customers at risk.

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Cleaning Program

Establishing a cleaning program can significantly affect the operating efficiency of your establishment. Cleaning schedules should account for peak customer hours, weather conditions, and foot-traffic patterns.

The placement of barricades and warning signs should be prioritized to ensure that no customers enter the areas being cleaned, lest they be exposed to an accident and injury. All completed cleaning tasks must also be documented to keep track of maintenance needs.


Staff should be trained in cleaning policies and efficient procedures to streamline the process. During training, employees must be taught how to ensure proper drainage, how to clean all areas properly, and how to make sure their janitorial equipment in Buffalo, NY stays in good working condition.


Upon procurement of floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY, test them out on a small section first. Doing so will indicate whether the product suits the type of floor surface. Product safety and application guidelines should also be followed at all times, while products from different brands should never be mixed together, for they may not be compatible. Cleaning staff should also be trained in the proper application of these products.


By organizing your equipment, you make cleaning easier and faster. Cleaning tools and equipment should be separated in accordance to the areas where they are mostly used. Color coding and markings can can not only help employees find the right equipment quickly for a particular space or room, but also prevent floor damage from using improper equipment.

With these tips and the right janitorial supplies in Buffalo NY, you can implement an efficient floor cleaning policy for your establishment and maintain an environment conducive to productivity. More importantly, you can make your customers feel welcome and well-attended.