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The Proper Cleaning Supplies Extend the Life of Your Marble Flooring

When it comes to floors, few are as impressive as those composed of all-natural marble. But if you want to keep it looking pristine and beautiful, there are special maintenance tips that building administrators need to heed and practice.

Pay attention to your cleaning solution

Understanding what marble is made of is the first step to properly maintaining such floors. In a nutshell, marble is a kind of rock that is made from seashell deposits compacted over billions of years. Because of its unique composition, marble should only be cleaned using non-acidic solutions.

Since marble is porous in nature, acids will penetrate the finish, find its way into the porous rock, and eventually decompose it into sand. Take this into account when purchasing cleaning supplies.

Extend the Life of Your Marble Flooring

Make cleaning a daily habit

Marble lends areas such as entryways and elevators a touch of sophistication. These areas also happen to incur heavy foot traffic, making marble floors more likely to get dirty and catch stains. Hence, make sure to pay even closer attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of heavily trafficked locations.

As much as possible, create a daily cleaning schedule. This involves removal of any loose debris, wiping spills ASAP, and even installing space rugs or non-slip mats to keep grime away.

Keep it sealed

Sealers are applied to the surface of the marble floor to keep it looking shiny, while also protecting the material from stains and contaminants. Depending on the specific marble type, use either topical sealers, which emulate a film coating, or an impregnator, a water- and oil-repellant substance that seeps below the marble’s surface to provide an extra layer of protection.

Use the right equipment

To make the cleaning process much easier, you can acquire floor-cleaning machines that sweep, wash, and polish large areas of marble floors in a matter of minutes. If you’re budget is tight, consider buying second-hand equipment or renting such machines as needed. Just be sure to work with trusted companies near Buffalo, NY that offer topnotch commercial cleaning products and equipment.

A marble floor is a great design feature for your building, but it also requires diligent care to maintain its beauty and function. By following these tips, you can help extend the life of your gorgeous floors.


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