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Maintaining Hardwood Floors Using the Right Floor Cleaning Products

Each type of floor has its own unique traits, and thus requires unique cleaning methods. While simple sweeping is all it takes to keep some floors clean, hardwood floors will require slightly more complex techniques and special products to clean and maintain it. Commercial establishments that have hardwood flooring, like restaurants and specialized shops, may find it a little difficult to keep their floors clean and looking like new all the time, especially in high traffic areas.

To make sure your establishment’s hardwood floors are being cleaned properly and with the right cleaning products, consider the following factors:

Right Floor Cleaning Products

The Type of Flooring

Generally, hardwood floors are either sealed or unsealed. Unsealed hardwood floors are better cleaned with a soft bristled brush and then vacuumed using a soft brush extension instead of a wet mop. This method prevents water from causing the wood to swell and eventually damaging it. Sealed hardwood floors, on the other hand, require different cleaning methods depending on the type of seal used. Surface-sealed floors can be swept and mopped (using a damp mop, not a wet one), while lacquered, penetrating-seal-treated, oil-treated, and varnished floors can be cleaned with water-based and liquid cleaners.

The Cleaning Products to Use

Your cleaning company may suggest using cleaning solutions, but make sure that these products do not contain ammonia, acid, or alkaline, and are not abrasive cleaners. These will absolutely scratch or dull the finish of your hardwood floors and may violate your floors’ warranty. To ensure that the cleaning company is using the right solutions for your floor, then make sure that the company is getting its cleaning solutions from suppliers of high-quality floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY like HJS Supply Company.

Aside from using the right cleaning solution for your hardwood floors, you should also ensure that your facility is kept clean with the right janitorial equipment in Buffalo, NY.

Keep Hardwood Floors Clean Longer

One way to keep your establishment’s hardwood floors clean longer is to have them swept and mopped daily or weekly, depending on the amount of traffic it receives. High traffic areas should be cleaned daily while other areas can be cleaned weekly or monthly. This way, your cleaning company will not have to carry out major cleaning every few months.


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