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Learn the Top Reasons to Start Using Green Floor Cleaning Products

With so much hype generated from the plethora of companies going green, you might think that it is just another fad that cleaning services and their respective clients cooked up to get more money from you. However, there really are several benefits that your place of business can enjoy once you try green floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY.

Conventional vs. Green Cleaning Products: Which One is Healthier?

In small amounts and with proper ventilation, the effects of conventional cleaning products might be so negligible that you won’t even feel any repercussions from their toxic effects. The problem, however, really lies on the number of chemicals that businesses use to keep their offices clean.

Just take a look at the list of janitorial supplies in Buffalo, NY that are used to clean a typical toilet. One would need a toilet bowl cleaner, tile floor and wall cleaner, mildew removal, and glass cleaner (for the mirror), to name just a few. These chemicals are used generously and repeatedly, resulting in a combination of effects that become significant enough to affect a person’s health. This is just cleaning the toilet; imagine having to deal with the rest of the cleaning chemicals used in other parts of the office.

Consequently, green cleaning products are much healthier to use in the long run. Business executives are becoming evermore aware of the long-term effects various cleaning chemicals impose on an office’s occupants.

Green Floor Cleaning Products

Health Effects of Using Green Cleaning Products

According to a study compiled by Environmental Working Group and Regional Asthma Management and Prevention, certified green cleaning products minimized the occurrence of work-related asthma for those working as educational service workers in California. It is further reported that green products prevent the occurrence of asthma cases among fourth-graders in certain Southern California communities.

In addition, green cleaners reduce the incidence of on-the-job injuries for custodians due to chemical burns. Genuinely green cleaning products are neither corrosive nor comprised of toxins at levels that can be inhaled or absorbed by the skin.

Aside from these health advantages, green cleaners are also environmentally friendly. That is, certified green cleaners do not use ozone-depleting chemicals as ingredients. The chemicals also degrade quickly without any ill effects on aquatic life or the air we breathe. Business owners should seriously consider shifting their cleaning supplies to green products, which not only clean, but also help keep your environment and employees safe.

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