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What to Disinfect Using Cleaning Supplies to Thwart Colds and Flu

Flu season has just about everyone on high alert, especially busy employees and companies. Colds can spread through hand-to-hand contact with contaminated things whereas flu can also be acquired from unclean surroundings. To prevent and contain colds or flu outbreaks, you should ensure the cleanliness of workplace if you’re the facilities managers or head of the department responsible for cleaning and maintenance. Here are the top three things to use cleaning supplies on to reduce the risk of dispersing colds and flu viruses.

Tables and Chairs

Tables and chairs are used frequently, making them common places for germs to multiply and spread. Use commercial cleaning products that are appropriate for different kinds of surfaces and disinfect them at least once a day. There are cleaning and disinfecting solutions meant to protect leather and wooden surfaces. Chairs should also be cleaned daily, especially the arm rests. Wiping tables and chairs clean several times a day will also reduce dust and molds that can cause allergies which have symptoms similar to colds.

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People frequently handle specific areas which also become virus-spreading points. To minimize the transfer of germs from one person and item to another, wipe handles every day using disinfectants. Rub door or window handles and handrails with cleansing materials that kill germs. Healthcare facilities should disinfect door and window handles several times a day.


Though floors are not usually touched by hand, sneezing and other activities where hands and noses interact result in germs falling onto them. Bacteria and viruses can then disperse from the floors to bags and items which come into contact with them which are subsequently touched by hands. Floors must be scrubbed with sanitizing chemicals at least once a day too. Furthermore, cleaners must vacuum rugs and carpets twice weekly to control dust mite populations. Wet floor rugs should also be washed and dried as soon as possible as they may also breed germs.

Property managers and supervisors in charge of cleaning and maintenance should have a regular schedule for the janitors to follow in order to maintain the cleanliness of workspaces. Standards of cleanliness should also be observed so surfaces people often come in contact with do not spread infectious germs. With judicious cleaning practices, it is possible to decrease the chances of spreading flu and colds.


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