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Cleaning Supplies in Buffalo, NY Prevent Spread of Diseases in Schools

Schools are densely populated areas. When you’ve got such a high concentration of people, diseases such as the flu and the common cold can spread and run rampant. Find out how a well-trained staff, as well as janitorial supplies in Buffalo NY can make a difference in disease prevention in schools by following these tips from our experts here at HJS Supply.

It starts with a plan

Like most school-wide actions, thorough cleaning and disinfection should start with a well-thought out plan. The plan should cover aspects such as the training of key personnel, the use of floor cleaning products in Buffalo NY, the provision of proper equipment, and compliance with the relevant procedures. These things should stop a few isolated cases of disease from escalating to widespread infection.

Make safe choices for children and the environment

Since the bulk of any school population is made up of students, all cleaning products to be used must be certified safe, especially for children. In particular, cleaning supplies must not contain irritants that could cause asthma, allergies, and other health conditions. Schools must also opt for cleaning products that produce no harmful effects on the environment. Leading suppliers of janitorial supplies and cleaning equipment, such as HJS Supply Company, offer green and eco-friendly cleaning products that ensure the safety of everyone on campus.

Prioritize high-risk areas

As a general rule, frequently touched objects should receive special attention when it comes to cleaning. The janitorial staff must apply disinfectants following the initial cleanup to effectively kill any germs that might have settled on doorknobs, desks, keyboards, faucets, and other surfaces. Cleaning efforts in bathrooms, gymnasiums, kitchens, cafeterias, and classrooms also need to be doubled as necessary since diseases can easily spread in these high-risk areas.

Observe best cleaning practices

Routine cleaning is a must to avoid bacteria buildup. While the cleaning staff must follow a strict schedule, sections that appear to be dirty or unsanitary must be tidied up and disinfected right away. In addition, all cleaning staff should wear protective gear like gloves or safety goggles when on the job, especially when handling chemical products and use janitorial equipment in Buffalo NY for best results.